Moving Checklist

Use this Checklist to be prepared for your move and, do not hesitate to contact us for help with any of your moving needs!

2-4 Weeks in Advance:

  • Make reservations with "A-Breeze" Movers, Inc.We will be happy to pack you, too!
  • Contact "Breeze" Movers & Freight for any boxes and packing supplies. Fill every box to avoid crushing.
  • Clean out closets, attic, garage, basement, etc.
  • Have a garage sale or donate to charity items you won’t be moving.
  • Arrange for transfer of school records.
  • Get plenty of change of address cards from Post Office.
  • Notify magazines, charge accounts, insurance companies, clubs, and other organizations of your change of address.

1-2 Weeks in Advance:

  • Make a "survival closet" of things for last cleanup (broom, dust cloth, etc.), as well as a snack, for survival.
  • If you decide to pack yourself, label all boxes as you pack. Write the destination (by room) on top and sides of each box.
  • Schedule disconnect dates for gas, electric, water, and telephone companies. Don’t disconnect your telephone until after the move. Schedule connections for your new home.
  • Cancel newspapers, cable TV, security, pest control, cleaning help, lawn maintenance, and other services.

Last Week:

  • Mail in your change of address forms.
  • Clean the stove.

Day Before:

  • Empty, defrost and thoroughly dry refrigerator and freezer.
  • Get sufficient cash to tide you over.
  • Set aside personal items, that movers should not move (clothing, paperwork, prescriptions).
  • Make sure your paperwork is completed for the new place, so that the movers can start unloading as soon as they arrive.
  • Say goodbye to your neighbors.