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Breeze Movers & Freight is committed to offering outstanding personalized customer service suited just for your needs. We value our customers and believe you deserve the best service and our full attention. Our customer service is available for any questions, comments, concerns, or testimonials.

Jason S.

These movers could not be better. They have moved me twice, and I have recommended them to several friends. Every time, they have done a great job for a fantastic price. They came and within an hour everything was on the truck and ready to go. Super fast and careful movers. Kind, nice, efficient, if you need a high-quality moving service, I recommend Breeze Movers.

Kenneth C.

The three movers who helped me move my apartment were wonderful! They were friendly, professional, on time and so quick!! No complaints from them. Will definitely hire this moving company again!

Simon D.

This is my third move with Breeze Movers-. As usual, they were on time and worked non-stop. They always do anything I ask for.

Gloria M.

Great move – we did a full pack and the price was very competitive and I was so pleased. I would definitely use them in the future again – if you had issues in the past you should use Breeze Movers. They were very professional and you won’t be disappointed!

Martin W.

Breeze Movers were amazing! They packed all our belongings in an efficient and careful manner and then moved us the next day from Kissimmee to Saint Cloud. The team was amazing! They were friendly and very careful with all of our belongings. We would not hesitate to use them again. Breeze Movers truly did make our move a-Breeze!

Shelley M.

Breeze Movers did an AMAZING job with my recent move! I was loading items from a 3rd floor apartment (no elevator) into a POD for a cross country move. Mark, John and Junior were the best team I could have asked for in the process. Mark answered all of my many questions before hand and confirmed with me the night before they were coming. His team was very polite, friendly and respectful. They didn’t stop working the entire time they were there and got all of my stuff loaded and packed. Mark was very good at making sure everything was packed in the correct order to ensure my belongings would be safe and secure. Really wish they would be in Texas for me to unpack, because I would hire them again in a second!

Parker T.

I have been carrying a piano around with me for the past 25 years, so I’ve had experience with piano movers. Breeze Movers were called when I wanted to rearrange the furniture in my living room. Mark arrived with his crew at the appointed time (greatly appreciated) and with the right number of men (four). They followed my instructions for dealing with my type of piano without complaint, and the piano was moved exactly where I wanted it and how I wanted it. Will be happy to use Breeze Movers again.

Timothy C.

From start to finish the best moving experience I’ve ever had! These guys work hard and smart. I was impressed with the way each load was staged, organized and then moved. All our belongings arrive in perfect condition and the moving process was done very quickly considering how much stuff we had and that it was a two-stop move. I highly recommend this moving company. They were extremely responsive to every request and everything was spelled out with no surprises. Thank you all!

Jack S.

Breeze Movers showed up with three workers as promised. Did a very professional job completing the packing (minor) and then moving everything out. A nice bonus is providing wardrobes at no cost. Went right to next apt and unpacked; put everything in place and did minor assembly as needed. No damage done. The bill was as promised!

Matt S.

Local move, the guys were great. Extremely careful and polite, couldn’t have asked for a smoother move! They made it a-Breeze!

Enrique S.

Provided boxes, packed dishes, packed all my items and labeled them. They were very careful with the items that belonged to my son; including the flowers, vases, and everything from his funeral. They were very understanding.

Marco W.

Breeze Movers arrived on time and did a wonderful job. They were very kind and thoughtful when it came to my son’s belongs. I told them my son had been killed, and after a while they knew when I asked them to pack something odd, they didn’t question items I had set aside because they knew it either belonged to my son or had memories attached. I would recommend them to anyone whether moving locally or out of state.

Martin R.

The owner of Breeze Movers was very kind and informative on the phone. It didn’t work out with them due to scheduling conflicts, but we will definitely consider their services again.

Phillip S.

Great job! Great guys! Will definitely use Breeze Movers again!

Monica S.

Breeze Movers were very very professional. It took them 2 trips, and they were even willing to stage all my furniture and the garage themselves. I couldn’t have done it better myself. Very friendly. They did a great job!

Jeniffer G.

Breeze Movers is great! We were redoing our floors, so they came and moved all of our items to hold for 3 weeks while we waited on the flooring company to finish. They even arranged storage for us. All we had to do was make one phone call. Thank you again!

Lucas W.

Breeze Movers loaded our truck bound for California. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Great job guys!!

Maria L.

Breeze Movers provided service for my daughter and she liked them. They did a really good job. Very thorough and professional. We will hire them again.

Samantha M.

Breeze Movers moved our furniture and personal belongs from our old 2,700 sq ft house to our new 4,000 sq ft house less than a mile away. Initially, I had planned to only have my furniture moved and not lighter or personal items. I explained to Mark (the owner) that our dining and living rooms were both heavy and fragile at the same time. Our white modern leather furniture are stark white and heavy as bricks. As heavy as the pieces were, they moved them as though on the tips of their fingers. They were washing their hands frequently throughout the move to ensure that no dirt would be engrained on the pieces as they were moved. I planned for the move to last between 4-5 hours and only for the main furniture to be moved. When I saw how well they were doing, we extended the whole day until late evening and practically moved the entire house. They did great and worked at the same pace in their last couple of hours as they did when they arrived. Another thing I noticed is that they don’t get irritated by picky customers (like myself) following them around and stating remarks of caution. I found Breeze Movers online and hired them based on the immaculate reviews I read, which only turned out to be exactly what was written. Thank you Mark.

Rodney P.

Breeze Movers moved us. Mark and his crew worked from 8:30 am until 7:30 pm loading and unloading our four bedroom, three bath 2,500 square foot home and delivering every item safely to a storage unit which was located on the second floor of the storage facility. The team was professional, courteous and very pleasant, we will use this company again.They are the professional type of movers we were looking for.

Ralph N.

On short notice, we asked Breeze Movers to move our belongings from storage into our house. As we were still living out of town, we asked if they could do the move in advance of our return. With just a few instructions for the big pieces of furniture, Breeze put all the furniture and boxes in the right place! No breaks or damage. Very very pleased.

Noah O.

Had never used mover before and now that I have I will continue to do so but only with Breeze Movers. They were very professional, informative and productive. The owner even pointed out mold issues on our furniture.

Miss. Tiffany

I needed a last-minute move from one side of town to the other. Let me say the owner is a cool guy. His team was efficient and got the move done quickly with no problems. I highly recommend this company for moving services.

Caleb N.

They were packed on time. They packed everything up and were more then willing to help. They were trustworthy. They did an amazing job.

Donna W.

Very good. I definitely would use them again. They were very careful with my belongings. Very professional and punctual.

Richard L.

Mark and his employees moved our furniture with great care as if it were their own. Nothing was damaged in any way and they were very pleasant also. I have never had such a perfect experience with movers. They are very trustworthy and hard working. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to my friends. I have had many moves and this is the first time I can give a superior review.


Mark and his crew were great. We used Breeze Movers twice in the past 3 months to relocate our office and home. Both were fairly complicated moves requiring a few different pickup and drop off points. The services provided were excellent & professional with a touch of warmth and caring. I definitely felt that Mark and the guys took the time and care needed to provide the piece of mind needed when moving one’s personal possessions. I’ve moved numerous times over the years and can honestly say this was one of the best moving companies I have used.

Molly B.

Local move of 2/1 home. Very careful with everything and no damage. Definitely worth the money if you care about your stuff and want good quality. Owner, Mark, is part of crew and cares about customer.

Nikole F.

Mark and his team were great. We had to move twice. He did our first move in November and as soon as we have a solid close date, we will hire him to do our second and final move!.

Douglas M.

From initial contact, Breeze was responsive and helpful. They estimated the move as two days- 6-8 hours to pack our things, and 7-9 hours to move. The team showed up on time and introduced themselves. They got right to work packing up our home and had all the materials needed. I appreciated that they paid extra attention to making sure our family would have what we needed to spend the night before moving the next day. The team was professional, courteous, and worked hard. While the job took longer than estimated (stretching out late into the evening on Day 2), the team never complained and stuck it out to get us settled. I have not found even one item that was damaged in the move- this is very impressive to me! Thanks to Mark and his wonderful team for their thoughtfulness, care, and hard work.

Richard C.

Since we live in a gated community in Winter Springs, we were allowed only 3 days to receive the POD, load the POD, and have it removed from our premises without being fined! Breeze Movers arrived exactly as planned, loaded the POD in the exact time they estimated a month earlier. The POD arrived in. Denver area location exactly on schedule and no damage was experienced! The perfect move! All personnel were very professional!.

Robert O.

Breeze was excellent, they accommodated our request for a Sunday move at no extra cost. They were very careful and considerate in moving our goods.

Mary M.

We had house full of furniture, out door furniture and a number of fragile large pieces, + 50 medium and large boxes. Loaded everything and unloaded. Flawless service and wonderful guys. Great attitude. Pleasant. Great day – Great experience!!!!!

Russell S.

Mark, Eric, and Junior arrived on time and ready to work. The job was not an easy one, with multiple stops and some surprised for them with extra furniture to move around. The guys worked consistently and well and were very considerate and professional. I was very impressed. They were very efficient in packing the truck and keeping in mind that there were multiple stops for unloading. I would obviously recommend them and plan to use them again.

Grady C.

The owner is easy to work with and has very qualified help.

Sonja H.

These guys are wonderful, I have used them several times, I have recommended them to dozens of my friends.

Pam R.

Excellent Service. Highly Recommended. I like the fixed hourly rate.

Patricia P.

They were great… very professional, courteous, thorough and helpful.. would recommend them to anyone.

Linda S.

These guys did a terrific job. They made the math so simple. A flat hourly rate and no extra fees: that’s what I like.

Ryan P.

Excellent communication, Timely, hard working movers would highly recommend for any kind of move.

Jason R.

The men were excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. They were on time and worked very hard.

David S.

Fast, friendly, very respectful with my furniture! Great job! Would use again!.

Dolly B.

Was a little nervous scheduling online but the guys did a really nice job. Came prepared, called to confirm twice and packed the truck well. Thanks!.


Once again, another good job. Very efficient. The staff is also very professional.

Jennifer R.

They have done a spectacular job. Very punctual as well.

Ray B.

Wonderful Movers. They always do a great job for us. Would highly recommend them for any moves.

Leslie B.

They have moved us four times and each time they have done a GREAT job.