Moving in Lake Nona, FL

We offer both local and state wide moving services since 1990. "Breeze" Movers & Freight is your local trusted moving services company, we look forward to helping with your move.


A-Breeze Movers

"Shouldn’t we hire some help for a few hours ?"

"I want to keep the cost down."

"I just need help with a few pieces."

We can load or unload your truck or container.

"Breeze" Movers & Freight will professionally load or unload your container or truck for you. Our moving services will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings were loaded correctly to prevent load shifting or damage due to improper packing. Please call us to find out what size truck or container we would recommend for your move.


A moving truck in Winter Springs, FL

"Shouldn’t we just let a professional handle it?"

"I want to be sure that everything goes just right!"

"Honey, we have a lot of stuff and so little time."

"Breeze" Movers & Freight can help, our movers are real professionals. We can disassemble/re-assemble your furniture and/or appliances, properly wrap upholstery and necessary items, pad, professionally load, drive to your new home, and place your furniture exactly where you want it placed.

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A-Breeze Movers

"I don't feel like packing."

"My back hurts from packing these books."

When "Breeze" Movers & Freight packs up your Home, Office, or Apartment: All necessary materials are included in the "Fixed" hourly rate (to include: boxes, tape, wrapping paper and bubble wrap).

*Please call us 407.325.0230 for pricing on Wardrobe Boxes & Special Crating.

**Packing supplies delivered to your door at no extra cost *(minimum order required)

  • Tape.
  • Small, Med. & Large Boxes.
  • Bubble Wrap.
  • Wardrobe boxes.
  • Wrapping Paper.
  • Dish Packs.


A-Breeze Movers

"What size unit do we need?"

"Do I need a climate-controlled unit?"

"Will my unit have 24-hour access?"

At "Breeze" Movers & Freight we do business with many of the local storage centers. We can tell you what size unit you need & approximate costs associated. We can also give you information on local storage in your area. Don’t settle for what they give you, locate what you need. Did you know that your move price can be reduced by selecting a ground floor storage unit?


A-Breeze Movers

"Painting a room?"


"Are you putting in new flooring?"

Hire "Breeze" Movers & Freight to move furniture, inside your home, from room to room. Remember, we can provide moving services for one piece to an entire household.


A-Breeze Movers

"I want to move today"

"My friends didn't show up to help, what should I do?"

"Breeze" Movers & Freight can help. Call for a Fixed Hourly Rate and let us see if we can send a crew to help: 407.325.0230.


A-Breeze Movers

"How do I get this home from the store?"

"What if it doesn't fit in the van?"

"How do we get this huge piece off of the truck?!"

"Breeze" Movers & Freight can deliver floor samples from furniture stores or consignment shops at a reasonable rate. We can also deliver large items that require a liftgate and/or specialized care, at no extra cost, everything is included in the hourly rate!


A-Breeze Movers

"I am closing on my old home in the morning, but can’t get into my new place until 3:00 PM. Will the movers wait ?"

"Can the movers load on Monday and unload on Wednesday?"

"Breeze" Movers & Freight Specialty!

We can customize your loading/unloading date and time to meet your needs. This will prevent unnecessary problems during your move. We can load your belongings in the morning and unload after 3:00 PM, and can even leave the items in the truck for a few days. This will prevent additional moving service costs and can save you a lot of money. When faced with a situation like this, call us at "Breeze" Movers & Freight to see how we can help.


A-Breeze Movers

"This is my favorite piece."

"Should I hire a Piano Mover?"

"Breeze" Movers & Freight has the right equipment for every job. We can move most Upright, and Baby Grand pianos. We also move big screen T.V.’s. These items will be padded and handled with extreme care.